Nurse Wellness Coach: An Integrative Nursing Model

ĺ─˙The laws of health and nursing apply among the well as among the sick, and that nursing, ĺ─¨ought to signify the proper use of fresh air, light, warmth, cleanliness, quiet, and the proper selection and administration of diet - all at the least expense to the vital power of the patient.ĺ─¨ Thus, nursing's primary concern is the interaction between the person and his or her environmentĺ─¨

Notes on Nursing: ĺ─˙What It Is, What It Is Notĺ─¨ - Florence Nightingale

Health Coaching is one of the most rapidly growing professions in the private and corporate sector and within healthcare today.

The goals of Wellness Coaching are to improve health outcomes and reduce health costs for individuals, employers, and the nation.

Nurses speak both the language of medicine and of healing

Nurses are in a unique position to become leaders in the emerging Integrative healthcare paradigm. Combining the art and science of nursing, this new direction in healthcare offers nurses the opportunity to draw upon their knowledge and skills of evidence based in holistic and integrative modalities and to effectively assist patients and clients in their health and healing process.

With a renewed emphasis on changingČŢbehaviors that promote wellness and prevent disease and their complications, nurses are fulfilling both their professional commitment and personal satisfaction.

A Nurse Wellness Coach provides guidance, support, motivation and continuity of care while offering tools and strategies for effective action for achieving wellness goals fulfillment for healing and wholeness.

Integrating a holistic approach to professional nurse coach training combines awareness of body, mind and spirit with solid and substantive coaching skills.

Effective Health Coaches are knowledgeable in the integration of complimentary with conventional treatment therapies.

A Wellness Coach helps clients to connect to their inner wisdom desire for change and full aliveness.

Nurse Wellness Coaching is designed to move people towards the fulfillment of their life purpose, visions and goals where the person is primary and their illness, secondary.

In this program, participants will master the knowledge and tools to integrate wellness coaching skills into their current work environment, within corporations, insurance companies,ČŢcommunities, or in their own independent practice.ČŢ

This program will include on site classes, on line independent study, a workbook, and field work practicum. Upon completion of the 150 hour Integrative Wellness Nurse Coach program, participants will receive a from Certificate as an Integrative Nurse Coach from the Integrative Nursing Institute. This program offers nurses the opportunity to:


Employers and health insurance companies in the U.S are using Registered Nurses as health coaches. Although this is not a new career path for RNs, it is one that is growing as trends in health care are placing an emphasis on wellness and patient education.

Health Coaching Cuts Healthcare Costs

Employers are following this popular trend to help cut health care costs without skimping on the needs of their employees and families.
A recent survey estimates that the majority of the largest employers in the U.S. will soon offer some form of health coaching.

RN's Assist to Understand Care

The Nurse Wellness Coach works with employers and employees to offer assistance in wellness promotion and disease management and offers tools and education, and assists when needed in navigating the health care system.

Patient Education

The nurse wellness coach, in communication with other providers can follow up to explain lab results, medication protocols and treatments prescribed. This kind of follow-up has proved to be most beneficial following hospitalization and to prevent hospitalization.

Insurance Based Programs

Nurse Wellness Coaches work with health insurance companies and employee health plans teaching and coaching in programs for promoting weight-loss, exercise, smoking cessation, lifesyle interventions, and stress management strategies.

Employers and insurance companies understand that these programs offer cost benefits and increased productivity. As a coach and care manager, nurses may have assigned clients or groups to implement wellness strategies and provides support and education.

Programs can be administered in person, via phone or through Internet access.

Opportunities for Nurses

Nurses may become independent practitioners and consultants to provide Wellness Coaching in diverse settings including private practice and in the business sector.

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